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Matoušek Jindřich

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  • Affiliation: ZČU
  • Registered on: 17.09.2009
  • Last connection: 24.06.2015



Reported issues: 1049


18:32 HQSYN16 Task #4241 (Closed): New acoustic features
New acoustic, spectral and MFCC features tried. In general, they improve prediction accuracy. The best results were o...


09:09 HQSYN16 Task #3965 (Closed): EMA - Radka Mašková
09:09 HQSYN16 Task #4095 (Closed): Synthetize sentences with new features
09:09 HQSYN16 Task #4212 (Closed): Correlation of EMA-based articulation data with MFCCs
08:49 HQSYN16 Task #4242 (Closed): Context size for current GCI detection
Tested for extremely randomized trees (ERT) classifier => 3 preceding and 3 suceeding peaks seem to be the best choice


09:21 HQSYN16 Task #4271 (Postponed): Detection on 8kHz-based features
Downsampling to 8kHz does not seem to be so much important at this moment => postponing this issue...


23:15 HQSYN16 Task #4271 (Postponed): Detection on 8kHz-based features
Downsample speech signal to 8 kHz and perform the detection on the 8kHz-based features.


10:16 HQSYN16 Task #4258 (Assigned): Test the consistency of P0 prosodemes in our speech corpora
*The idea:*
P0 prosodemes should have "flat" (or "neutral") intonation when compared to other prosodemes. Using appr...
10:06 HQSYN16 Task #4257 (New): Introduce a special prosodeme for utterance-leading prosodic word
Introduce a special prosodeme for utterance-leading prosodic word (similarly as it is done for utterance-trailing pro...
09:59 HQSYN16 Task #4256 (New): Revise prosodic word parsing of 'wh' questions
The current rule-based of 'wh' questions is a [[Wh_Questions|compromise]]. Please try to revise it and propose a new ...

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